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Welcome to SnB Financial Solutions CC, your trusted partner in cutting-edge accounting and financial advisory services. Based in Windhoek, Namibia, we pride ourselves on being a 100% Namibian-owned firm at the forefront of modernized financial services. Our dynamic headquarters is led by a team of young, highly skilled, and qualified professionals who bring innovation and expertise to every client interaction.

In a testament to our commitment to excellence, all our team members are either certified  or aspiring Chartered Accountants, backed by a wealth of experience across diverse financial domains. Our dedication to nurturing talent is evident through our trainees on the path to becoming Chartered Accountants, ensuring a continuous infusion of fresh perspectives into our services.

SnB Financial Solutions CC was founded in 2018 and has since helped our clients navigate their business domains with diligence and consistency. We offer a wide range of technologically sophisticated services, including accounting, payroll administration, financial advising, tax consulting, and capital procurement.

Our main area of concentration is the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) market, where we distinguish ourselves not only by offering competitive pricing but also by our unwavering dedication to providing unmatched service quality. Our broad clientele, which includes experts from the legal and medical fields, building enterprises, procurement specialists, and financial services, has found that this tactical approach has been crucial in assisting them in navigating and prospering in difficult economic times.

In the spirit of information resource innovation, we leverage our extensive network of young, qualified, self-employed professionals. This network allows us to seamlessly source cost-effective services, such as legal and engineering support, further enhancing our ability to support clients in fulfilling their duties with efficiency and excellence.

At SnB Financial Solutions CC, we are not just a service provider – we are your strategic partner on the path to success. Trust us to deliver unparalleled expertise, a customer-centric approach, and a commitment to your growth. Welcome to a new era of financial services, where excellence is not just a goal; it’s our standard.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals the utmost quality in accounting, tax planning, payroll, and business advisory services. We aim to deliver these services with efficiency and innovation, all while ensuring timely delivery. Our commitment to excellence is upheld by a team of highly qualified professionals. We are dedicated to making our services accessible to SMEs by offering competitive and affordable rates.

Our Vision

Our core objective is to establish ourselves as the premier choice for top-notch accounting and taxation services within the SME sector. We are committed to making a positive impact on the labor market by identifying innovative methods to deliver high-quality financial services to SMEs. We firmly believe that SMEs play a pivotal role in creating valuable employment opportunities within the labor market.

our clients

Committed to reshaping their organizations and driving lasting value

High Client Satisfaction

Our organization maintains robust internal controls that mandate a thorough review of all outgoing documentation, thereby ensuring the reliability of our financial reporting. We are well-equipped with an ample staff complement to guarantee the accurate capture of customer data, minimizing errors in information receipt and processing.

To further enhance our client service, we have a dedicated administrator readily available to receive client requests and communication. Additionally, we employ a dedicated messenger who can facilitate the seamless transfer of hard copy documentation and handle cash deposits by traveling between our offices and yours as needed.

Over 10 Years of Experience

In hiring us, you get the combined experience of our senior staff who have more than 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and having lead finance departments in some leading companies. This
should ensure our clients that you get the highest quality of service and
that financial information are presented using the right local or international financial framework. Quality and honesty play vital roles in accounting because they allow investors and regulators to trust the information they receive on companies they invest in. Quality, honesty and integrity are central to a Chartered Accountant and we are bound to upkeep these to the highest standard

Ethics and Confidentiality

As Chartered Accountants, we are guided by a stringent professional code that mandates unwavering adherence to ethical principles and the utmost discretion in safeguarding our clients' financial records. Consequently, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of theft or financial misconduct while carrying out our duties on behalf of our clients.

Savings On Software License Fees

Our firm will bear the cost of software license fees, overseeing their administration from our offices. This arrangement allows you to save on the additional expenses associated with in-house software license fees. Furthermore, we assume responsibility for our own IT expenses and repairs, relieving you of these financial burdens.

Every Business is Different

Tailoring our services to meet each client’s specific needs